My CloudAhoy Story:

Flight Chops started off as a simple way to publicly share my flying debriefs.

And when I learned about CloudAhoy back when it was a free beta advertised as supporting US only customers, I still gave it a shot and was delighted to find out it worked – see link below to a video I made the first time I tried it.

Happy girl flying over Toronto, and review of CloudAhoy GPS logger App – POV Flying

Since then I’ve watched it become an incredibly robust debriefing tool for all sorts of flying.

I made a 2-part IFR training series using CloudAhoy before they were a sponsor and happily promoted the tool to over a quarter million viewers.

I’m happy to now have them on board as an official sponsor!

They now have a dedicated page for our Project – check it out!


About CloudAhoy:

CloudAhoy brings technology to post-flight debriefing, adding value to any flight training, enhancing the experience of flying, and helps make better pilots. This applies equally to primary, advanced, and recurrent training, and to day-to-day flight operation for self-improvement.

CloudAhoy is integrated with a plethora of products – they are now part of the eco-system of modern aviation. It is used by pilots around the world, for personal use and organizations.

Try it for free for 35 days – no credit card required

Over to you – please share your thoughts in the comments below.

How do you debrief?  Have you tried CloudAhoy?


How to debrief using video:


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