The most intense aviation adventure I’ve ever had – Happy to share it!

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This is the 2nd of a two part series.
Link to Part 1

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MASSIVE thanks to the U.S. Coast Guard for being a part of this one!

USCG Recruiting:

USCG Air Station Traverse City:

Previous video we filmed with the U.S. Coast Guard flying the FISK arrival into Air Venture 2016

More Context  from LCDR Charlie, about the way the crews operate:

Another takeaway is always prepare for the worst. We carry everything we need for survival on our body during flights in our vests. In a true ditching scenario there isn’t time to grab a bag from the back of the aircraft with your gear. Often times it won’t be there after the impact of the crash. You will need to survive with just what you have on you. For any remote or over water flying having a vest with some basic survival gear and communications equipment will save your life.

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