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Announcing our Contest Winners! April 2017

Big congrats to our latest winners!   FEATURED PRIZE: JOHN WEISER is the Winner of the Featured Prize, the Stratus 2S ADS-B and GPS receiver from Foreflight!   PATREON SUPPORTER PRIZE PACK: Next up is ADAM PAULSEN who took home an awesome group of aviation prizing provided by our Awesome Flight Chops Sponsors which includes a Foreflight Pro membership,…

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Nearly Breaking my Neck Pulling +6 and -3 G’s: Pitts S2B – Competitive Aerobatics – Flight VLOG

 I need to be in better shape to pull G’s like a competitive aerobatic pilot!! Huge thanks to Harv’s Air for making this happen! They are one of the very few flight schools in North America that offer basic and advanced aerobatic training to all levels of pilots!  Check them out at We’ll be making…

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The Art of Not Crashing Into the Plane Beside You: 1st Formation Debrief – Flight Training VLOG

Flying without looking anywhere but the lead plane, was weird, but cool! I’m proud and honoured to be a new member of the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association! Please visit to learn more about this charitable organization that keep warbirds flying, giving a new generation of pilots access to them! Here’s link to part 1…

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