Longtime Flight Chops supporter and seasoned pilot wants to pay it forward and give away the $10,000 sim that helped him learn the G1000 – he now confidently flies an SR22 GTS.


You may remember Jim Stroh from this awesome episode — where he offered a viewer the chance to recreate our flying adventure to Key West, Florida — and this one, where he walks through his workflow on the SR22 GTS.

Well Jim is back and this time he wants to give away the set up he used to get proficient on the G1000!

No strings, no gimmicks — Jim simply wants a member of the Flight Chops community to be a new home for this training system which allowed him to perfect his techniques in the SR22 GTS.  For shipping logistics, we will be selecting someone from the contiguous United States. (More details on the entry form)

To see a video message from Jim himself, check out this episode:

Real Flying VS Home Simulator – Same Flight – what worked, what didn’t – IFR status VLOG #9


BIG HUGE THANK YOU to our friends at SPORTY’S PILOT SHOP who will look after the shipment of the prize!

See below for everything you need to know:

  • Prize Details
  • Who can make use of this training system
  • How to Enter this giveaway 

MAJOR THANKS to Jim for making this giveaway possible and wanting to pay his experience forward to the Flight Chops community!

About the Prize:

This is a RED BIRD TD2-G (for G1000) and is an FAA-approved TRAINING DEVICE*.

In the configuration, this TRAINER is set up as follows:

  • Represents a Generic, Single Engine, Piston Aircraft  (close to a Cessna C-182)
  • Configurable as Retractable, Complex, and/or High Performance  (had retractable gear lever and “three green”)
  • Redbird G1000
  • Redbird GFC700 Autopilot
  • HOBBS Meter (fully functional)~ 150 hours on the HOBBS.


The set up comes with plenty of extras:


  • HORIZON (two wing monitors in addition to the device monitor)
  • CYGNUS (capability of connecting ForeFlight and other APPS)
  • ERGO TABLE (believe it or not this is pretty important as you probably already know, posture and eye sight level are very important)


Keep in mind the trainer was bought in 2016 and does match the button’ology of the G1000, however it does not have the software capability of the G1000 NXi, latest generation.  (It can likely be upgraded through Red Bird.) Here is the manufacturer link to the actual device.


* Please note that Jim is gifting the actual full system he trained on, so although in amazing condition, the items are not new.


You can learn more about this training system on Sporty’s Pilot Shop Website here!


Who is it for?

  • An IFR-rated pilot having trouble keeping current (time and finance constrained)

  • An IFR pilot-in-training

  • A rusty pilot who wishes to SIM fly before making the move 

  • A not-for-profit flight club servicing all the above



How to Enter this Giveaway:




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