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Multi Engine Flight Test prep – Check Ride NERVES! – Piper Seneca – Flight Training VLOG

Do those “pre-check ride butterflies” ever go away? For the first episode of 2018 I wanted to complete the story of probably my best accomplishment of 2017, which was actually starting and finishing something. I got my multi engine rating!    Training was completed in the fall and then I had a bit of a stressful wait due…

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Aviation Successes / Failures – Multi Engine Flight Test PASSED! Silver Play button + 2018 Teaser

Here are some Successes and Failures of 2017:   – We reached 100k Youtube Subscribers!!!   – 3 videos broke 1M views this year, and this video from 2017 broke 2M views!!   – The Coast Guard series did not get seen by many Without a doubt, this one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had, and…

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“Landing Gear’s NOT going Down!? For Real!” Beech 18 – Multi Engine Flight Training VLOG (+Photos!)

This was definitely my most stressful flight of 2017! Huge thanks to Gold Seal and Dan at Skyranch for the invite, and the motivation to get my multi done. I had not planned on starting that before finishing IFR… but it has been a fun ride. We’ll be seeing a lot of more Dan in the future…

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