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SLOWEST Approach + SHORTEST Landing I’ve Ever Pulled Off – STOL training – Flight VLOG (+PHOTOS)

I was only slightly afraid while flying final at 40 MPH! 🙂    The Finer Points of Flying For more info about this sort of “Adventure Training”, TFP / Jason’s link is here.   CubCrafters Huge thanks to CubCrafters for the CarbonCub FX, and to Patrick for training me – to learn more about them visit: …

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Hard-Earned Wisdom: Float Flying a Legendary Bush Plane – DHC-2 Beaver – Flight VLOG

Pilot pro tip: “Never approach a dock faster than you wanna hit it!” Watch my first float flying lesson! Many more float flying episodes to come as I document the process getting the rating! _____ More info about Peter’s operation: https://www.vancityseaplanes.com/ Thanks again to the the B.C. General Aviation group for introducing me to Peter….

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