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Beautiful sunset flight over Toronto – and a great reaction from a lovely lady!

We’re in a 172SP flying out of Toronto City center airport (CYTZ)

I’ve been a pilot for over 15 years, and have been with this girl for nearly 10, yet I’d never taken her flying.
There are several complicated reasons.
I wasn’t current when I met her, and then when the relationship got serious we bought a house and got married and such.
Before I knew it over 3 years had gone by and I hadn’t been flying!
Then we had a baby. Jill is incredibly supportive, and realized I was feeling sad about my flying muscles atrophying.
I managed to get a pile of re-currency training done during the “baby year”.
I was keen to get Jill flying with me, she’d put it in my head that we’d be risking orphaning the little one.
So, we got wills in place (had to do it anyway)
And then as I was kind of tripped out about the whole orphaning thing, I still put off flying with her for a couple years.

In all seriousness, I still think flying is safer than jumping on the high way with all the other unsafe drivers right beside you, with your life in THEIR hands…
However, with flying, you’ve got your life (and that of your passengers) in your OWN hands; so it is not as much about an external force biting you (assuming you did your homework in terms of checking the Wx and the plane).

Anyway – tonight was the night – her birthday is coming up, she had just completed her first triathlon and we were due for a date.
And the kid is 4 now, I’m sure she’d manage on her own 😛
(EEEESH – it is hard to even make that joke! I take it back 😉

The conditions definitely remained ideal tonight, so it was a GO!

We took off about 30 mins after sunset, so it was “official night”,
but still magical in the sky with the last remnants of the sun set painting the sky in pastel purple and pink.

Jill loved it and was emotional as we climbed out and the city lights came into view.[dwqa-list-questions]

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