Actual IMC flight lesson in a Cessna 172R
Watch in HD!

Well, it’s official – I have started IFR training – I am saying it out loud!
So I guess that means I need to finish and get the rating!
I quietly started mid 2013, after over 15 years of happily (blissfully) being a VFR only guy flying on nice weekends for fun, while talking myself out of the need for IFR.
And it is true – I don’t “need” it… But there is no doubt about the huge safety margin it adds to get IFR training.
Math is a huge weakness for me, I fly for un, never plan to go commercial, and I never imagined I’d go as far as IFR training…

My hope is to maintain the rating, and continue to slowly practice and build experience slowly.
But rest assured, I won’t be going solo and shooting approaches to minimums any time soon.

For now, enjoy the view from my first flight into IMC – this lesson was doing holds and approaches at about the about half way point into my IFR training.

Happy new year everyone!
have a safe 2014, and keep the shiny side up.

DISCLAIMER: I am a “weekend warrior” private pilot, I fly for fun with no intentions of going commercial.I have had my PPL for over 15 years, but still consider each flight a learning experience – I generally take detailed notes after each flight to remind myself what went well or what I could do to improve…. Having the GoPro cameras to record flights like this is invaluable. I find these self analysis videos very helpful in my constant quest to improve, and am happy to share.Feed back is invited; however, please keep it positive

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