Watch in HD and you can read the panel!
Ride a long for my most challenging tail wheel flying lesson.

This is a solid lesson that I got a lot out of both flying and reviewing, so I am happy to share it.
Wheel landing was definitely the most challenging part of the tail wheel conversion training – especially in a cross wind.

NOTE: this training flight was EDITED down from over an hour to under 20 minutes; Thus, there are missing details and possible lost context – PLEASE do not look at this as instruction but rather the start to a conversation that you can have with your instructor.

I have many “Flying Tail Dragger – Tips” already produced, and more to come; they’re numbered randomly because I have no idea how many there will be and what order of importance to assign them 🙂

Here are the direct links to some other Tail Wheel Flying videos that I’ve done, but please also check my channel incase I forget to update the links here in this description:

Grass 3 point Landing:

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