This is part 2 of 2 (link below to part 1)
Join us in the cockpit of a PA-28 as we review some of the skills pilots tend to lose over time.

Please watch Part 1 first as there is some important context.
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ForeFlight “Track Log” on an iPad exported into Cloudahoy on the computer provides the most detailed debriefing I have ever seen!
I can’t wait to apply this to IFR flying!

The Killing Zone is a book every pilot should read.
It’s an amazing analysis of a decade worth of GA accident stats, and finds areas we can all stand to improve.
In this video I work on “Slow Flight”, and “S-Turns over a road”.

The First “S-Turn” was sloppy, and I sort of missed the point entirely with “Slow Flight” as I challenged myself to get it as slow as I could with clean wings, and really just demonstrated a drawn out power off stall 😛
So yeah, not exactly a flight test worthy performance, but that was sort of the point of seeing how rusty I was 🙂

And a big lesson I wanted to share: this was the first time my onboard camera system was a contributing factor in a error – I’ve learned from it, and it won’t happen again.

On board cameras have been an incredible tool for my post flight analysis. If used properly they are an invaluable tool.
If you fly with cameras, be sure to set in place a system that keeps them out of your way during flight – set them and forget them.

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DISCLAIMER: I am a “weekend warrior” private pilot, I fly for fun with no intentions of going commercial.I have had my PPL for over 15 years, but still consider each flight a learning experience – I generally take detailed notes after each flight to remind myself what went well or what I could do to improve…. Having the GoPro cameras to record flights like this is invaluable. I find these self analysis videos very helpful in my constant quest to improve, and am happy to share. Feed back is invited; however, please keep it positive

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