Those of you who have followed me for a long time know that I have always worn Serengeti; and honestly, it was mainly because as a 15 year old, I inherited a pair from my best friend’s father after he died. Walter was like a second father to me, and a huge role model – his loss was sudden and crushing – I learned to drive, and fly, wearing his pair of Serengeti drivers.

(and I still have them on a shelf in my studio)…

Not the best reason to choose a brand for life, but it is what it is…

When Scheyden originally reached out to me, my gut reaction was to hesitate because of my emotional connection to Serengeti…

But they offered to send me some pairs to try so that I would understand the benefits to having eyewear specifically designed for pilots’ needs, not just looks.

(Not that these are lacking in looks :).

For something as serious as flying, a purpose-built product is ideal.

These are really high-end sunglasses in and of themselves; they really have got it right for aviation – with super low profile temples (arms) that you do not feel at all under a head set.  They offer a “flip-up” design that allows you to keep wearing them, but “toggle” them on and off in a hurry.

(Ever been flying an approach directly into low sun, but also needing to read your iPad chart?  :).


I have personally tested these models, and was impressed:

  • Albatross
  • Mustang (both “fixed gear” and “flip-up” versions)
  • C-130
  • Waylite


I can imagine that the other styles are of similar quality and effectiveness.


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