Flying experiences are often absorbed after landing – assuming pilots review!
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We are working hard to make it a safe place to share constructive lessons with highly experienced CFIs, airline captains, and other aviation industry experts and respectful peers with various levels of aviation experience, that we can all relate to.
Clips like that crazy runway incursion are constantly shared with me… privately.
People are so afraid to go public with that sort of footage for fear of enforcement action or just negative community feedback. We hope to change that and provide a space for these sorts of things to be shared and learned from.

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IFR training Series
Part 1 – Holding with 51 knot wind

Part 2 – ILS approach – 51 knot cross wind at Fix


I am a “weekend warrior” private pilot, I fly for fun with no intentions of going commercial. I have had my PPL for over 15 years, but still consider each flight a learning experience – I generally take detailed notes after each flight to remind myself what went well or what I could do to improve…. Having the GoPro cameras to record flights like this is invaluable. I find these self analysis videos very helpful in my constant quest to improve, and am happy to share. Feedback is invited; however, please keep it positive.

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