Huge thanks to the Aviation community for being part of “Flight Chops”
Visit to win stuff every month!

The things we’re getting up to lately are amazing, and I am proud to be able to share the adventures!
It is all thanks to fellow aviators stepping up and helping make things happen!

I love giving back – we’ve got a monthly contest with thousands of dollars in prizes from the sponsors, and we’re giving away a chopper ride over AirVenture 2016!

If you’re going to Osh, come to the Bose Booth on Wednesday at noon to see who wins that!

(You can also enter Monday, and we’ll contact you on Wed if you won – assuming you’re going to be around to redeem it Wednesday and / or later during AirVenture)

So far the booth appearance schedule is:

ForeFlight – Mon the 25th, and Wed the 27th – 1 PM both days

Bose – Mon the 25th, and Wed the 27th – 12 PM both days

CloudAhoy – Mon the 25th, and Wed the 27th – 11:30 AM both days

And I will try to do Bose and ForeFlight again on Friday,
… but that is TBD due to when the timing of flying “Fifi” happens 🙂

Thanks again for helping make this thing what it is!

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