The Contest is Evolving

The August Contest was really something because we asked for feedback and you really stepped up — we received a ton of it. We’ve already implemented some of your ideas and will be putting lots more in place over time.

You want quizzes & trivia questions. You want more daily entries. You like participating and giving feedback… To name but a few.

Chief among your suggestions about the contest was to have more winners.

So we did just that — more prizes, more winners!

Aaron Freidman took home the Grand Prize, which included prizes from each one of our awesome sponsors and featured an A20® Aviation Headset courtesy of Bose.

Next, iCloth Avionics stepped up and offered 5 more giveaways to our Runner-Up Winners:

  1. Joan Amparo
  2. David Austin
  3. James Andrews
  4. Andy Wheatcroft
  5. Rob Harnage

See your name here? Get in touch with them at and they will hook you up.

Amusing sidenote: These folks successfully answered the question, “List your devices, lenses and other optical surfaces that you could use iCloth to clean and make look like new” and came up with great ideas. Here are some colorful examples (most of which I never even thought of): Airplane windshield, car windshield, car dashboard display, DSLR camera lens, viewfinder and LCD display, TV at home, binoculars, C172 Steam gauges, PA-34 glass cockpit, Navajo’s Garmin displays, CD’s, DVD’s, LaserDiscs, Blurays, my truck’s instrument cluster,  lava lamps, chemistry labware and glassware, Fish tanks, monacle, binocolars, periscope lens, telescope lens, light fixture covers, backup cell phone for Foreflight, the touchscreen on my FBO’s copy machine which you can’t read for the sheer number of greasy fingerprints on it!

Some of you also made suggestions about things you didn’t like (such as having to add your birthdate, or logging in to play, etc); we are limited in how much we control those aspects for technical and legal reasons. If you have any specific concerns, as always don’t hesitate to reach out.

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