The October 2016 Contest was bigger and badder than ever before.  We partnered up with Jason Miller at The Finer Points of Flying and Steveo 1 Kinevo and put together the biggest Featured Prize we’ve given away so far: “The Ultimate Mountain Checkout!” Mountain Passes, Survival Training, Expert Lectures with Jason Miller and TFP.

Of the thousands of truly genuine and great responses we received, here’s what Jason and his team had to say:

“The responses have been amazing and overwhelming! It’s been so hard to choose the winner based on the great things people have written alone and so we’ve narrowed it down to some finalists and drawn at random. Thanks so much to all of the awesome aviators who have played the contest!”

But — we didn’t stop there.

We also changed the structure of the prizing so that more people are declared winners and get to take home awesome stuff!

So here they all are:

Grand Prize Winner:

Gregory Allan

And 14 more winners:

Rich E.

Blake Longnecker

David D.

Paul A.

Tyler M.

Jerry Wettstein Jr

Thomas “Crash” Spring USN Ret

Aaron Clouse

CJ Englert

Evan Ball

Jan afPetersens

Paul Wasserman

Ryan S.

Jason J.

(all have been contacted privately)


We also received a ton of names that we are adding to the list for the EXCLUSIVE EPIC QUARTERLY PRIZE – FlightChops Patreon Supporters Only and EXCLUSIVE SUPER PRIZE for Steveo1Kinevo Patreon Supporters Only, which will both be announced shortly.

Thank you to all who participated 🙂

Huge thanks to our awesome Sponsors for keeping these prizes coming your way!

Feeling lucky? Play the Current Contest!

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