Well folks, here we have it!  Another happy bunch of folks who get to bring home some awesome stuff!




Emil N



Emanuel Corthay
Jon P.
Drew Bowles
Dan Hollingshead
Tanner Lemmon
Bailey M Osborne
Brian Sylvester

Jason R.
Tammie R.
Joel P.
Thomas F.
Jonah W.
Robert S.
Mark O.

(all have been contacted privately)


We also received a ton of names that we are adding to the list for the EXCLUSIVE EPIC QUARTERLY PRIZE – FlightChops Patreon Supporters Only and EXCLUSIVE SUPER PRIZE for Steveo1Kinevo Patreon Supporters Only, which will both be announced shortly.

Thank you to all who participated ?

Huge thanks to our awesome Sponsors for keeping these prizes coming your way!

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