The end of 2016 was just over the top busy!  We have a ton of footage to edit from multiple shoots, things happening left, right and center… And before we knew it, it was the Holidays. So we decided to reign it in and make that contest simpler to manage.

The Featured Prize (the drone, above) went to a member of our mailing list:


Huge thanks to BANYAN PILOT SHOP for graciously providing the drone to give away to you guys.  Check out what they’re all about!


And all the goodies in the Prize Pack went to a Patreon Supporter:


Huge thanks to our awesome Sponsors for keeping these prizes coming your way!

Big congrats to Kenneth and Keith!!

We have received a ton of names that were added to the lists for the EXCLUSIVE EPIC QUARTERLY PRIZE – FlightChops Patreon Supporters Only and EXCLUSIVE SUPER PRIZE for Steveo1Kinevo Patreon Supporters Only, which will both be announced shortly.

Thank you to all who participated ? — We have not forgotten you!!

Feeling lucky? Play the Current Contest!

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