Well folks, here we have it!  More happy folks who get to take home some awesome stuff!

February 2017 Featured Prize Winner, Bill Derr


BILL DERR is the Winner of the Featured Prize, the Flight Chops Video Debrief Kit graciously provided by CloudAhoy!

It turns out Bill has been using CloudAhoy for 4 years!  That’s pretty cool.


Up next is ADAM DRAKE who took home an awesome group of aviation prizing provided by our Awesome Flight Chops Sponsors which includes a Foreflight Pro membership, a must-have flight bag essential from iCloth Avionics, swag from Spectrum Airways and sweet purpose-built shades from Scheyden.  Check out the Sponsors page and learn about this cool stuff.  I only work with products and services that I like and use myself.


P.S. For anyone who’s curious to learn how to debrief using video, check out CloudAhoy’s video below:


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