We are back from the 2017 edition of Sun n’ Fun and it was, as always, filled with adventures.

The weather was a mess at the beginning of the event, derailing many travellers along the Eastern seaboard and also eliminating 2 planned shoots we had while in Florida.

I had the opportunity to meet so many viewers face to face at the Sponsor booths — it is always an honor for me to meet you in person and hear your stories.  Over 3 days, I met tons of people at the CloudAhoy, Bose and Foreflight booths.  It’s always good fun to catch up with Steveo and Jason Miller, who were at the Bose and Foreflight booths as well.  There was even a lineup outside the booths!




I did manage to steal away some brief moments to go exploring the Florida wilderness with Brock.


Luckily, we ended the trip flying with Jim, a very early Patreon supporter, in his Cirrus SR22T GTS to Key West for lunch – there were 2 TFRs to deal with as both the President and Vice President were in south FL on Sunday.

This will make a great future episode! 


Did you go to SNF17?  I’d love to hear about your experience there.


HUGE THANKS to Our Sponsors for having me, and all your support on Patreon for getting me to where I am today!


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