Truly cool pilots stay humble!
I really appreciate Ken taking me for this flight, and being humble enough to share even the less-than-perfect aspects.  
This was obviously an epic experience, but my biggest takeaway was that no matter how far you get in the elite corners of aviation, staying humble and continuing to be open to learn is key.  


That aside, I am continuing my IFR training.  It has been slow while building this “Flight Chops” thing into what seems to be a sustainable business (knocking on wood 🙂 

– Thank you for helping us get to where we are with it!  

On that note, May was the first month we got 4 episodes published, and we’ll likely be getting 4 published this month (June).  

Huge thanks to all the Supporters on Patreon! Productions like this wouldn’t be possible without your help!
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I am a “weekend warrior” private pilot, I fly for fun with no intentions of going commercial. I have had my PPL for over 15 years, but still consider each flight a learning experience – I generally take detailed notes after each flight to remind myself what went well or what I could do to improve…. Having the GoPro cameras to record flights like this is invaluable. I find these self analysis videos very helpful in my constant quest to improve, and am happy to share. Feedback is invited; however, please keep it positive.


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