A valiant effort to Launch nearly 100 Planes, but the ThunderStorms beat us! 


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Rodney’s Cessnas to Osh ’16 Debrief notes: 

We identified the following shortcomings/failures.

1. We had a network failure that wouldn’t allow us access to the flight roster. This failure also prevented us from using the networked printer at the FBO. 

2. During the registration process, we didn’t identify the Cardinals by landing gear type. 
This mistake was discovered at the last minute while I was walking to give the mission brief.  

These mistakes and failures pushed our start time for the brief to the right by 45 minutes. 

During the brief, I stopped so that everyone could go outside and see the Bonanzas fly over. Not my best decision and not a good use of time for a group of pilots that are already running late. 

I had never defined our weather abort criteria, so we ended up with what we had, a very large flight of aircraft launched in two abortive pieces.  

The taxi out took an excessive amount of time further pushing us late. 

What we have done to fix these shortcomings:

– We now have a private router/hotspot for use ONLY by Cessnas 2 Oshkosh admin
– We also purchased a printer to cut down on printing delays
– We have reworked our registration database making it much more comprehensive in information
– I have defined a “hard” weather abort criteria 2000/5 with no more than 5kt effective tailwind
– We have a detailed parking plan putting like model aircraft together along with splitting the flight into 2 pieces to cut down on engine idle time 

There are numerous other changes that we made to the organization to help it run more smoothly, but these changes are mostly visible once we get to Cessna BaseCamp at Oshkosh. 

Looking for details on Osh17?  Here’s what’s up: 

Flight Chops at OshKosh Airventure | #OSH17 (updated)

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I am a “weekend warrior” private pilot, I fly for fun with no intentions of going commercial. I have had my PPL for over 15 years, but still consider each flight a learning experience – I generally take detailed notes after each flight to remind myself what went well or what I could do to improve…. Having the GoPro cameras to record flights like this is invaluable. I find these self analysis videos very helpful in my constant quest to improve, and am happy to share. Feedback is invited; however, please keep it positive.

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