I can neither confirm nor deny crying a little while editing this one…

I’d always known in theory what working dogs were. But to actually see one doing his thing — naturally and with so much passion — was truly amazing.

Honestly, I couldn’t have described the experience of meeting Piper if I wasn’t able to make this episode and actually show you what he was like.  I hope you enjoy learning about the roles of these very special dogs that keep airports safe, and please help the cause by sharing it.

Huge thanks to Brian, Piper’s trainer.  And if you’d like to donate to a good cause in Piper’s name, check out Spikes K9 Fund“In order to keep the runways safe, K9 Piper had the essential kit to help him do his job. Without these items he could not complete his mission and keep the runways clear. This is true for all working K9s – without proper gear they cannot complete their tasks. We created the K9 Piper Kit Campaign for this very reason. All money raised will buy items like heat alarms, GPS trackers, non-ballistic vests, Rex Specs. Something that K9 Piper was known for. Please help honor the life of a K9 loved by so many, donate to the K9 Piper Kit Campaign!”

You can find Piper’s various social media accounts by searching: @airportk9

There are many working dogs, falconers and other interesting animal control programs at various airports.  For instance, there are now eagles being trained to take down drones.
We will be covering more of this fascinating stuff in the future!  

It is sad that we lost Piper, but I am proud to be able to help tell his story – please SHARE this one!

To see more awesome stuff we produced during this trip, search “Coast Guard” and “L-39” here on the site.

Aviation's Coolest working Dog: Tribute to K9 Piper santa mechanic Aviation's Coolest working Dog: Tribute to K9 Piper | uscg family photo Aviation's Coolest working Dog: Tribute to K9 Piper no fear Aviation's Coolest working Dog: Tribute to K9 Piper | James Aviation's Coolest working Dog: Tribute to K9 Piper | 6568 liftoff flag Aviation's Coolest working Dog: Tribute to K9 Piper | 6517 specs Aviation's Coolest working Dog: Tribute to K9 Piper 6506 snow


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