The life of a Youtuber is filled with surprises — some Flight Chops episodes take off like a rocket, fall right into Youtube’s internal promotion algorithm and get thousands of views per hour — while others, sometimes even the very best stories we produce, somehow miss the mark and don’t get picked up and spread out by the algorithms in the ways they should.

And it’s not just us — this happens to all Youtube creators.  We get a lot of feedback around here and, often, even our viewers can’t make heads or tails of what’s going on.

While we can’t exactly control all that, there is a silver lining — our very own Flight Chops Headquarters — where we can give new life to the episodes we feel are some of the very best material we’ve produced.  The ones we’ve poured our hearts and souls into.  The ones that place the viewer right in the pilot’s seat, or that teach the most, or inspire the most.

So without further ado… 

Here are some of the very best little-seen episodes on the Flight Chops channel. 

Have you seen them all?

How to Land B-29 “Fifi” + Troubleshooting Flying a T6 + Never give up on your Aviation Dreams (+Photos!)

Landing BLIND at 100 MPH! – zero forward vis – Pitts S2B – Flight Training VLOG (+PHOTOS)

Multi Engine Flight Test prep – Check Ride NERVES! – Piper Seneca – Flight Training VLOG

Dream VFR clearance Class Bravo Low Level Over SFO International + Dusk Bay Tour – 172 G1000 Flight VLOG (+photos)

My Hardest Crosswind Landing: Flying 3 CubCrafters With The Pilot Who Knows Them Best – Flight VLOG

Survive a Forced Landing in the Winter Wilderness – Are you prepared? BC Mountains – Flight VLOG

Storm Chasing in a Cessna: Lake Effect Snow Squalls VFR to IMC Risk + Avoidance – Flight VLOG

Why I Fly – Solo Sign Off! Chasing childhood Dreams – DHC-1 Chipmunk training VLOG – Part 4

I was Hoist Rescued by the Coast Guard! MH65 Helicopter – Training VLOG – part 2

Okay — who’s already watched all of these episodes? 

Let us know if you made any discoveries here today. Did you learn anything new?

Please feel free to share this list and show these episodes some love.  Thank you!

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