Who’s going to “Sun n Fun”?  

For any who don’t yet know:

One of the biggest air shows in the country, and our biggest fundraiser for the education programs of the Aerospace Center for Excellence! See modern jets, classic warbirds, homebuilt aircraft, plus hundreds of vendors, workshops, forums and more! Check out all the details at www.flysnf.org

Booth Appearance / Meet n’ Greet

The main scheduled thing that I am doing this year is a booth meet up at ForeFlight



LOCATION: ForeFlight Hangar C-092

Anyone I meet gets an official Flight Chops sticker, and if you’re a Patreon supporter at any level, please let me know and I’ll give you a Flight Suit Patch too! 

(Note: The patches normally reserved for the $5+ supporters, but I’m happy to hand one to you as it saves me the shipping 🙂 ) 

Why only 1 Meet n’ Greet, you ask?

Part of the reason I’m being more low-key this year is because I am bringing my 8 year-old daughter Evelyn. 

She’ll be hanging with her buddy Elena (my fave California CFI Jason Miller’s daughter who’s also Evy’s age). 

The last time we had these young ladies together, we nearly broke the internet with a super cute episode where we surprised them with a flight to Disneyland in a DA42. 

Pilot Dads Flying Daughters to DisneyLand in DA42 + Engine Failure Training – FLIGHT VLOG

This year we have some pretty inspiring production plans as well. 

The girls will be meeting Julie Clark before she flies her routine!

It should be fun to see their reaction when the see an unassuming woman whom they might relate to as a sort of grandma figure, take to the skies for a mind-blowing low level aerobatic display. 

I think is super important to get young people inspired about aviation, and to also make it clear to young girls that they are welcome here despite this niche being currently approx. 95% male-dominated. 

I hope to see you there  

Drop me a message below if you’re going!

Or, ping me on Twitter or Instagram while at the event!


(Sun n’ Fun Graphic Image courtesy of Sun n’ Fun Fly-In and Expo)

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