Definitely the most comfortable glasses I’ve ever worn under a headset! – Steve “Flight Chops” Thorne

Joining Foreflight and Bose Aviation as lead sponsors of all new Flight Chops content, Flying Eyes Optics is now contributing directly to the immersive flying experiences fans around the world have grown to love.  

How Flying Eyes Optics impact Flight Chops’ flying

I’ve recently become serious about flying the T6 / Harvard, and due to the insanely loud engine / prop, I needed to go back to a crappy old-school passive noise reduction head clamp sort of a headset.

Flying Eyes lenses are as good as any other high-end sunglasses I’ve ever used BUT they are definitely the most comfortable glasses I’ve ever worn under a headset – old head clamps included.

Who Can Benefit from Flying Eyes?

If you fly with a headset and have sensitive eyeballs like I do, this is the eyewear for you.  Flying Eyes is a very high-quality product at a reasonable price point, so there really is no barrier to getting purpose-built eyewear for flying.

My Favorite Pair:

I really enjoy wearing the Golden Eagles Sport frames.  The frames are matte black, the lenses are gradient copper, and of course non-polarized for flying.

An exclusive bonus for Flight Chops fans:

As you probably already know, I’m adamant about only promoting products and services that I like and use myself — and also giving back to the flying community any way I can!  So I asked for a promotion code so you can save some money and try these out!  (They have a 30-day no questions-asked return policy – which I appreciate!)

I encourage you to go check out the selection and the aviation-specific features that Flying Eyes has built into their eyewear.  If you’re on the lookout for super comfortable purpose-built sunglasses for flying, definitely have a look at these:

You can check out Flying Eyes Optics here!

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Do you fly with Flying Eyes?  Let me know what you think!

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