Big congrats our latest winner!


This new concept gives away once-in-a-lifetime experiences that you’ve seen in a Flight Chops episode!

The idea is:

  • Live the episode you’ve seen!
  • A Pilot / host invites you to recreate what Steve has done
  • You are a guest in their plane

Up for grabs was a chance to experience the very same adventure that Steve Thorne did with Jim Stroh: fly IFR to Key West to see the southernmost tip of the continental USA, have lunch, and then fly back.

The lucky winner is invited to be Jim Stroh’s guest for the day on his Cirrus SR22 with G1000 panel! Jim is one of the earliest Flight Chops project supporters and a passionate ambassador of aviation. We’re so grateful to him for not only this awesomely generous idea but for his gracious hospitality.

Here is the episode it was based on:

Wanna Fly to Key West in an SR22 GTS? – Flight VLOG (+ PHOTOS)

THANK YOU to all who entered! 

The entries are from all around the world 🙂


Huge congrats Jay!  And big thanks to Jim Stroh for making this possible 🙂

We can’t wait to hear about how this goes!


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