Attempting to “almost daily vlog” from the Reno Air Races! 

This is the closest I have ever come to real-time video publishing – it is not easy! 

I will try to get a couple more out during the Air Races!

DAY 1 (ish)

Never seen so many warbirds prepped and launched that fast!

THANKS to Elliot for inviting me on this one! Check his channel for lots of cool stuff like this dead stick landing due to a catastrophic engine failure at 300+ knots and low altitude, from a previous year at Reno Air Races!

And big thanks Sanders Aeronautics for hosting me!

DAY 2 (ish)


You can really get hurt falling off an oily warbird wing!


DAY 3 (ish)

Over 400 MPH at 50 feet AGL – crazy! 


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So, what did you think about this daily vlogging attempt?  Is it something you’d like to see more of?


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