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I love filmmaking (it’s what I do for a living) and I obviously love flying – I do it for fun, but take it very seriously from a safety standpoint and am always looking to learn and improve. 

My work in TV can be frustrating because much of the time we are fighting to edit things WAY down to fit a tight time slot, or meet network exec requirements, and by the time we’re done, the true essence of the content is usually gone. 

With “Flight Chops”, it has been so liberating to be able to make aviation related content the way I want to make it – I am very respectful of people’s time and always work hard to make my videos concise and engaging… 

But I am not handcuffed by a time slot, so I am also free to be indulgent and let the content breath as needed; I make it fun, but I also love to explore all the geeky details. 

Basically, I’m mostly disappointed by the mainstream aviation TV content, so I am making the flying show that I’d want to see.

I’m currently making 2 new videos per month.
(a new video every 2nd Friday)

My videos will ALWAYS be free – I make them for self-analysis purposes and am happy to share. 
The only question is how big and how often I can make them.

As the productions get more complex, I’ve started working with bigger crews, and traveling for shoots to cover amazing things like specific specialized training and type conversion checkouts. 
With your help, Flight Chops can keep growing and producing more awesome stuff!

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These have been 5 of the most rewarding years of my life being an #Aviation #YouTuber #Creator! I can’t wait to see where we end up next!

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