These Aircraft seem too “real” to be kit planes!!

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Hey everyone – With the prospect of possibly taking on a build for an RV-14 on the table…  I am very aware of how thinly my time / energy / and resource are already spread…  So there is a lot of soul searching happening right now.  Regardless, there will be a ton of help if I do this – no way can I do it alone.  AND this is not the sort of thing that I should distract myself with until I can get a handle on my stalled Instrument rating training.  So – This winter, I have not booked any production travel, and am back to the IFR books…  Aaaaaarg.  

The IFR written test prep has been a huge weight on my shoulders.  I got really close while I was doing my multi engine rating last year… But an overlap happened when I got close to the Multi flight test, and I decided to focus on that and let the IFR stuff fade.  the Multi test got rescheduled 3 times over a month due to bad winter weather…  and then I felt I’d lost IFR momentum, got afraid to face the test (as I had already failed it once – that was very demoralizing (I got a 60%, pass is a 70%) and then started traveling / filming again, and didn’t touch those books for months.  So I am basically starting over… again.  Sorry to be whining, but this is the sort of thing that stops a lot of pilots from progressing, so I am going to be vulnerable to telling the story as I struggle to do it – despite the embarrassingly poor pace at which I am making (or not making) progress. 



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