He’s alive because he flew it all the way into the crash every time!


THANKS to Elliot for inviting me on this one! Please give him some love over at his Youtube channel

And big thanks Sanders Aeronautics for hosting me! 

Check out that “Chasing Reno Gold” documentary here and here!

As you may have noticed – publishing slowed down recently. 

The footage for this one has been in the archives since June…. 

I am thankful that you guys have helped support the project allowing me to hire my editor buddy Dan to work on rough cuts while I am busy with other things. 

(In this case it was prep for the Instrument Rating written test that forced me to just stop everything else.)  

I am happy to report that I passed!  

Anyway – Dan took the raw footage combined with my “story notes” and did a great job getting this one to 80%, so I only needed to spend a couple days fine cutting and adding in some nerdy details. 

Also – If you wanna fly an Extra 300 (and be in an episode 🙂 please be sure to enter the contest we’re running this month.  


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