Big congrats our latest winners!


You may have seen Flight Chops get more and more into the world of home flight simulation, to get more proficient for my IFR flight test.

Well, good news!!

We’ve partnered with these awesome companies to get a lucky winner set up with an epic customizable home sim!

– Stay Level Avionix — High quality cockpit & tabletop flight simulator avionics panels
– RealSimGear — Simulation avionics for the most used components industry wide
– XForcePC — Online-based company selling high-quality and affordable flight simulation & controls
– Pilot Edge — Professional air traffic control for flight simulators
– One-year subscription to Foreflight Performance Plus!!

This would not have been possible without the help of our awesome partners:



A BIG, GIANT THANK YOU to all who participated and shared their stories!


Update: The partners have decided to thank everyone who participated by offering limited time discounts to the flight sim gear! Click above for all the details 🙂


I only work with products and services that I like and use myself.

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