Hey Awesome Flight Chops viewers! 

We’d really appreciate your assistance to gather some general data to help us continue to create awesome content!

This info is both going to help inform what creative direction we go with our upcoming episodes, and also clarify to sponsors who we’re reaching. 

Steve is traveling a lot currently, so please excuse this sort of quick and no-frills initiative. As you are a key part of the aviation community, we genuinely appreciate you participating in this “boots on the ground” aspect of the Flight Chops project. 

It should take you literally less than 90 seconds to complete.

You may remain anonymous, if you’d like. However, for those that provide contact info we’ve put together a giveaway to thank you for your time:

  • Bose IE2 wired in-ear music headphones   
  • Foreflight Performance Plus Subscription
  • CloudAhoy Pro Subscription
  • Infinite Flight Pro Subscription

Thanks again for being a part of the Flight Chops project, 

– Steve and the Flight Chops production team


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