Why Airline Pilots do not make the same fatal mistakes we do! 

HUGE thanks to Dan for working with me on this, and the aircraft from Kent!   

Kent Gorton – Bold Warrior   

Dan Gryder – The Aviator Network   

Here is some more context from Dan:

To me, a Fatal General Aviation accident every four days is just way too much.  Especially when you consider that a bulk of these fatal losses always come from the same four scenarios.

It seems like we just never learn from the previous fatal accident. 

In this video, we combine my 16,000 hours and almost 40 years as a CFI. My airline experience, with FlightChops’ film-making/editing skills to create this content that clearly illustrates each of the four areas, but also offers these four easy solutions.

We steal the tools, techniques, and methods from our big brothers, the airliners, and we fly through each one, showing clearly what the problem is and how to mitigate it..

Here are the four areas:


Be ready and expecting it, modify your before takeoff checklist and be conditioned to respond instantly.  Practice often in advance.

Inadvertent IMC? 

Or IMC departure Practice prioritizing after takeoff.  Fly the plane first, work on checklist next, and respond to ATC third.  During the first 1000 feet get on those gauges and FLY!

Bad Go-Around? 

Be ready for the Go around and rehearse the steps.  Don’t let that nose come up when you add power. You fly that plane, don’t let that plane fly you!  Retract flaps slowly and only when its time to start flap retraction!

Traffic pattern stall/spins? 

Define your own DMMS speed and self placard it on your own airspeed indicator.  Flying all Four Fatal plane crash phases. Airliners methods are GA’s problems: 1 every 4 days!  

Vs1 x 1.404

Becomes: a)best glide b) safe climb speed c) safe DMMS in the pattern.  Learn to define and honor the 1.3 buffer at all times. Define it, placard it, honor it.  It is what the airlines do every day. Do you think they memorize all those speeds? No, they are clearly defined and placarded for them at all times.


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