As a real pilot that grew up on MS Flight Sim – I’ve been waiting A LONG time for this! 

Thanks to Microsoft for the invite to be a part of this. (And as I say in the video, this is NOT a paid promotion – I was free to share my opinion and the only restriction was to wait until 12:01 AM PST Sept 30th to talk about this, or publish,)


The bonus / extended version is available on Patreon :

Unlocked post, but you have to promise to look at the campaign 🙂 

For reference, the people on the panel were:

• Jorg Neumann, Head of Microsoft Flight Simulator

• Robert Jerauld, Director of Production

• Sebastian Wloch, CEO, Co-Founder, Asobo Studio

• David Dedeine, CCO, Co-Founder, Asobo Studio

• Martial Bossard, Lead Software Engineer, Co-Founder, Asobo Studio

• Lionel Fuentes, Lead Programmer, Asobo Studio





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