Will it still Fly with a Smashed right Wing? (Yes, yes it will 🙂

Here is Part 1:
“$17,000 Bird Strike + ZERO Hesitation Rejected Take Off – Is your briefing this SOLID?”

HUGE thanks to Ryan for being awesome sharing such a great debrief of this #BirdStrike !

Here is some additional context from Ryan:

It is very easy to second guess a pilot’s decisions from the comfort of an armchair. In aviation we have split seconds to make critical decisions. No pilot intentionally puts themselves in harms way. The best we can hope for is that the combination of the information that we have at the moment, the experience that we have from the past and the time allotted to act is sufficient to ensure the safest possible outcome. Risk is part of everything we do. The best we can do is to mitigate it to the greatest extent possible. As an airline transport pilot with thousands of hours of experience in everything from single engine piston aircraft to large jets, I do not take flying a damaged aircraft lightly and went through all the necessary steps to mitigate risk which included having it inspected by an engineer, obtaining a ferry permit and going over every possible scenario prior to the ferry flight. Conducting this ferry flight was done legally however the final decision to do so is that of the pilot in command based on their comfort level with the aircraft and their confidence that their cumulative experience will allow them to handle any unforeseen events. If in doubt, keep the aircraft on the ground and consult someone that has more experience or is more knowledgeable in the type of operation that is to be conducted. Remember, anytime you fly and aircraft that has any damage that may void its certificate of airworthiness, you are essentially a test pilot and should not take that lightly.

Here are a few links to give him and his B.C. Peeps some love:

Cardinal Aviation

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Ryan’s YouTube “channel”  |  Ryan’s Instagram is @ryan_v_h

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