Steve has just returned from Montebello Quebec where the 29th annual winter fly-in was being held at the Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello hotel, which is considered the largest log cabin in the world.

Steve was both a participant and keynote speaker at the Saturday evening gala. This was a challenging event due to a major snow/rain system that came in later in the day; however, some amazing flying got done in the morning, including filming a Flight Chops episode about flying the only (that we know of) Van’s Aircraft RV-8 on skis.

The Thorne girls got up to some winter wonderland activities while Steve was geeking out with the pilots!

Excerpts from the FLYING Magazine article about the weekend:

“The Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA)-sponsored event this year was held on January 24 to 26, and reports back show another successful gathering, with a short window of weather and temps cold enough for a good landing surface on the frozen Ottawa River—but not so bitter as to require extra pre-heating.


A cadre of aviation experts shared their experiences with the group, with a series of talks during the day on Saturday, and a fireside social later in the evening. One presentation, given in English and again in French, was on transitioning between different types of aircraft, while another one covered aviation medicine.

And one featured Steve Thorne, who started with a Q&A to the group, asking the pilots “What does ‘being current’ mean?” Is it 1 or 2 hours a month? From that point, Thorne transitioned into asking what was the debrief, if any, for those flights last flown? There’s value for that debrief in general aviation—Thorne said that’s what Flight Chops is all about: showing the learning moment within any given flight.”

The Next Winter Fly-In

The Montebello Fly-in is always the last week-end of January, so that falls on January 29 to 31 in 2021 – mark your calendars!

Visit their website here.

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