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Relentless General Aviation Airplane Crashes – Airliner Prevention Applied to Flight Reviews

We stole these tools from the Airlines! We hope you enjoyed this one – If it resonated with you, please share it! To download the Free AQP-AFR PDF document, visit this page. We’re looking for participants to be a part of future Grass Roots AQP trips – please reach out via the contact form here….

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Fatal Loss of Control plane crash? Every 4 days! Airliner differences + GA’s 4 big Failures

Why Airline Pilots do not make the same fatal mistakes we do!  HUGE thanks to Dan for working with me on this, and the aircraft from Kent!    Kent Gorton – Bold Warrior    Dan Gryder – The Aviator Network    Here is some more context from Dan: To me, a Fatal General Aviation accident…

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Left seat DC-3 Engine Failure Drill + a different take on Multi Engine Flight Training

I don’t always question training methods… but when I do, I learn something 🙂 Please comment with your thoughts on the potentially controversial topic of traditional multi engine flight training regarding engine failure procedures (specifically after take off / on climb out). Big thanks to Gold Seal for inviting us to produce this one! And massive…

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