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Real Flying VS Home Simulator – Same Flight – what worked, what didn’t – IFR status VLOG #9

Saving money and reviewing flying lessons with less stress at home! In this episode, Steve takes his home sim IFR training to a new level by recreating exactly what happened in real life with his instructor Dennis, on his home sim. Meanwhile, longtime Flight Chops supporter and mentor Jim explains how he got proficient on…

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Fatal Loss of Control plane crash? Every 4 days! Airliner differences + GA’s 4 big Failures

Why Airline Pilots do not make the same fatal mistakes we do!  HUGE thanks to Dan for working with me on this, and the aircraft from Kent!    Kent Gorton – Bold Warrior    Dan Gryder – The Aviator Network    Here is some more context from Dan: To me, a Fatal General Aviation accident…

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