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EarthX Batteries

Flight Chops has teamed up with EarthX Batteries!

After ~18 months and ~150 operations hours flying the Van’s Aircraft RV-14 with the EarthX ETX1200, I’m proud to call EarthX Batteries the newest channel sponsor!

EarthX is doing incredible things with advanced lithium batteries for GA, Experimental Aircraft, vehicles, and otherwise.

The back story starts after the anticlimactic first engine start attempt with the original battery (clip and details below).

Before a second engine start, we chose EarthX Batteries.


I was moving fast in those days and I just went ahead and made the purchase after the research lead me to that choice; This was long before even engaging with the amazing team at EarthX.

Founded in 2009 by a US Navy veteran and electrical engineer seeking an alternative to the 170 plus year old Lead Acid Battery technologies inherent weight and tempered power. After years of research and development, EarthX now offers full-line of lithium batteries for all starter battery needs, whether an experimental aircraft, or certified aircraft, EarthX has a battery to get the job done.

EarthX Batteries are one of most advanced, commercially available Lithium power cells available. Let alone being designed, engineered, and manufactured in America by a veteran, EarthX Batteries come with awesome support and solid warranties, if needed.

When selecting a battery, they represented to us, an intelligently-engineered, lightweight, durable, powerful, and safe choice for the RV-14.
Click here to read more about EarthX Batteries’ engineering.

Long story short, we’re proud to now represent EarthX Batteries as the official battery supplier to FlightChops.

Here are some specs about the initial battery, and the new EarthX Lithium Battery:

Original RV-14 battery was: Odyssey battery

  • Lead acid
  • Model: PC680
  • CCA 170
  • Weight 15 pounds/ 7 Kg

New Battery is: EarthX Lithium Battery

  • LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
  • Model: ETX1200
  • CCA 600
  • Weight 7 pounds/ 3 Kg

4x the cold cranking amps – 600CAA VS 170” (old battery) and less than half the weight.
There is some stigma about lithium, but this is lithium iron phosphate, the safest and most robust of all the lithium chemistries. EarthX is used by many manufacturers, including Van’s aircraft.
EarthX Batteries come with a true and tested BMS (battery management system) for protecting it from many abuses.
Lithium Iron Phosphate is different from a lithium polymer which is the ones you hear about that can ignite with abuse.

NOTE: The new battery being lighter than the original, is actually a down side (in our case) in terms of the center of gravity, because we have already lost a bunch of firewall forward weight due to the light 3-blade composite prop; thus, losing more weight up front with a lighter battery is not ideal, but it was a small sacrifice to have so many up sides!

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