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Thunder Storms – Flying to Oshkosh AirVenture 2015 – Fisk arrival – ATC audio

AirVenture: the meca of Aviation! Being one of 10,000 flying in was awesome!
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Formation Aerobatics – AeroShell T6 Texan – ride along video:



Thanks to Alden and his family for inviting Zan and I to fly their lovely 172RG to Osh.
And thanks to Martin J Filiatrault for sharing the Osh storm photos and video.

Additional thoughts from my chief flight instructor Dennis about “Real Time” radar imagery and flying into AirVenture:

Regarding the radar: XM or Stratus radar is not only NOT real time, it can be delayed by as much as 20 minutes… and on some APPS there is NO timer telling you how old the data is. ALSO, because of bandwidth limitations, The image is very pixelated, probably less than 1/10th the resolution of an on board radar. When you use Stratus, it’s four to six times more coarse than XM. The common phrase is : onboard radar can be used tactically, but XM and others only strategically. In other words, don’t use anything but onboard radar to thread through bad weather.
Over all comments:

1. EYES OPEN, MOUTH CLOSED – way too much chatter at the last critical miles

2. EYES on your own territory. There’s no point for everyone to be looking everywhere, you take the right front corner, Alden the left, ZAN checks six and the rear quarters… and the six ain’t that important.

3. Any day is a good day to go to OSH but its fun to get there early so you can get a good spot and watch others arrive… sometimes that’s the best part of the show. Also if its busy and you arrive late, you may not even be allowed in… you’ll have to park in Appleton or some other satellite airport.


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