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The Art of Not Crashing Into the Plane Beside You: 1st Formation Debrief – Flight Training VLOG

Flying without looking anywhere but the lead plane, was weird, but cool! I’m proud and honoured to be a new member of the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association! Please visit http://www.CH2a.ca to learn more about this charitable organization that keep warbirds flying, giving a new generation of pilots access to them! Here’s link to part 1…

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Why I Fly – Solo Sign Off! Chasing childhood Dreams – DHC-1 Chipmunk training VLOG – Part 4

One step closer to flying the Spitfire like my Grampa! Soloing the DHC-1 Chipmunk was a very emotional experience, and brings me one step closer to flying a Spitfire like my Grampa did! Thanks to Canadian Historical Aircraft Association for this one, and I hope to soon be flying the Spit’ with Boultbee Flight Academy…

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