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Near Flying Disaster Becomes Learning Experience with Proper Debrief – An Idea is Born

Flying experiences are often absorbed after landing – assuming pilots review! Proud to be associated with ForeFlight: http://www.foreflight.com/flightchops/ Visit http://www.FlightChops.com to sign up for access to the Debrief community! We are working hard to make it a safe place to share constructive lessons with highly experienced CFIs, airline captains, and other aviation industry experts and…

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Flight Chops and CloudAhoy

My CloudAhoy Story: Flight Chops started off as a simple way to publicly share my flying debriefs. And when I learned about CloudAhoy back when it was a free beta advertised as supporting US only customers, I still gave it a shot and was delighted to find out it worked – see link below to…

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