If there was ONE sponsor I fantasized about getting when I started a YouTube channel about flying…  ForeFlight was IT!

I got my license in the mid-90’s, eons before the era of tablets.  Heck, the internet wasn’t even “a thing” yet.
Flight planning on paper was never something I felt good about, but as many of us did, I tolerated it as a necessary pain point to overcome before being able to enjoy what I really loved about being a pilot: simply flying!
There was a period where I lost my currency after “life got in the way”:  I met my wife, bought the house, had the baby, and BAM!  Almost 5 years had gone by since my last logbook entry. The significant thing though, was the era in which this happened…
It was 2006 when I stopped flying…  and 2007 marked the dawn of the iPad…  and ForeFlight.  And I watched paper flight planning become a thing of the past! Just. Like. That.

I got a 1st-Gen iPad Mini for Christmas from my wife in 2009, and the first thing I installed on it was ForeFlight.  I was flying again by early 2010!

Getting recurrent and looking for “missions” as a weekend warrior private pilot, ultimately created the motivation for the “Flight Chops” project…

ForeFlight was the first to come on board as a Flight Chops Sponsor, and helped legitimize the channel which paved the way for other industry-leading sponsors to take the plunge and sponsor a YouTube channel, which had not happened yet in Aviation. 

Check out Foreflight’s dedicated FC page

Many episodes and many flying experiences later, ForeFlight has proven to be a strong supporter of the project in a very hands-off way, meaning that they allow me to produce the content and tell the stories that need to be told.  For that, I am so grateful.
They’ve also generously given away many annual subscriptions of ForeFlight Pro to Flight Chops viewers, as well as invaluable flying tools (like the Stratus 2S) via our Monthly Contest.  I recommend going to check that out, which is open to all our viewers.

Connecting with viewers at the Foreflight booth, during #Osh17

You can learn more about ForeFlight here.

UPDATE – Summer 2017

Pilots, Meet Scout.

Small enough to fit in your shirt pocket, Scout is the industry’s most affordable, portable, off-the-shelf solution for receiving inflight ADS-B weather and traffic on ForeFlight Mobile.

 You can learn all about Scout here.

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