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Wanna Fly to Key West in an SR22 GTS? – Flight VLOG (+ PHOTOS)

I can’t wait to find out which viewer will relive this episode!

An additional note from Jim about TFRs:

One important fact to make known on TFR’s is NEVER TAKE A REPETITIVE TFR FOR GRANTED.  In other words just because the POTUS TFR is the same every two weeks when he arrives in Palm Beach for the weekend, one had better read the details just in case something changes.  AOPA does a great job of mapping a TFR to their members location and sends out emails with a description of the TFR.  I’m not sure what the distance is before an email is sent however I receive a message from AOPA for all the POTUS and VIP TFR’s in Florida.

The main reason we went IFR instead of VFR: ICAO VFR flight plans must include in the transmitted line 18 “other information” section: DVFR/estimated United States ADIZ penetration at time (UTC) and estimated point of penetration (latitude/longitude or fix-radial-distance).

More info about Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ): 

Entering, Exiting and Flying in United States Airspace


For more IFR content, please click here.

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My virtual “ride-along” flying videos are aimed and sharing my experiences and giving back to the aviation community which has been so helpful to me. I shoot multi-camera angles, get detailed real time instrument panel shots, and have radio intercom audio. I respect people’s time, so I put a fair bit of work into editing to keep the videos concise and engaging; I add animations and further graphics and voice overs where needed to add context and explanations.

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I am a “weekend warrior” private pilot, I fly for fun with no intentions of going commercial. I have had my PPL for over 15 years, but still consider each flight a learning experience – I generally take detailed notes after each flight to remind myself what went well or what I could do to improve…. Having the GoPro cameras to record flights like this is invaluable. I find these self analysis videos very helpful in my constant quest to improve, and am happy to share.

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  • Just caught your video as we are planning our own flight from Savannah to Marathon. Do you know the brand of life vest used and would you recommend them? Thanks!

  • It’s very nice to see people wanting to get others involve in aviation and specially to help “rusty” “hangared” pilots like myself to get back in the game. No doubt I’ll love a chance to do a flight in such amazing aircraft. Great story and video.

    Congrats gentelmen. Job well done !!!

  • Watching the video as I type this. I’m a rusty pilot, who recently started flying again. I’ve logged 15 hours in the last couple of months after 12 months with no flying. I really enjoy your videos.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Started flying in 2008 when I was 22 years old. Made my first solo after 5 hrs of flight. Landing was my favorite part but ATC communicate was my least favorite. I flew for about 14 before I quit due to money. I now live my flying dreams through youtube and watching planes at my local airport KGMU while my kids play at the park. I currently have a 2 year old who seems to really love aviation as much as me. If I can’t go to keywest then I challenge you to come to Greenville SC (KGMU) and check out the runway cafe and maybe take me and the 2 kids for a flight. I am not picky about which plane but would love to be in an SR-22.

    I love watching all the FlightChop videos and must be honest and say I have might have learned just as much on youtube as I have with my actual hands on flying. I have 14 hrs of hands on flying and 2000 hrs of youtube training. LOL!

    Keep up the awesome videos and don’t forget to keep your FlightChops sharp!

  • Having lived in Florida since 1992 I’ve only flown once to Marathon but not to Keys. It’d be pleasure to be selected for the Florida flight in real NxtGen aircraft. NOTE: Just recently retired to Charlotte – still getting lay of the land and its glorious terrain … C182H Driver

  • I’ve done the east coast “hug the coast” to Key West from as far north as Palm Beach, but I’ve never done the west coast version to Key West. Feels like a totally different mindset to see land on the left side vice the right side of the aircraft. Cirrus continues to amaze me each time I see pilots aviate and navigate the aircraft.

    Very nice presentation.


  • Great video on the trip to Key West! If Jim was rusty and got back into aviation as he indicated, I am a really old goat! I am 60, and got my PPL in the late 90’s and logged about 250 hours , mostly in Pipers and Cessnas to build cheap time as a pilot for people calling in traffic reports to the Boston radio market. After getting married and having 2 small children, my wife quickly grounded me! I have not flown in years but would like to get back to it.

    I live in the Fort Lauderdale area and would LOVE to be considered for a slot to fly with Jim. I will carry his bags, wash the plane or whatever. No ego when it comes to flying!

  • Rusty Florida pilot here. Just trying to get back into the game. Live near KFIN. Work M-F right next to KEVB. Just an opportunity to check out an SR22 GTS would be amazing. A flight would be life changing. Did Sun-N-Fun 2017 (ran into Steveo). Also planning on attending Sun-N-Fun 2018. Born, raised and learned to fly at KIAG. Appreciate all the great content FlightChops.

  • Another great video Steve. Thank you for documenting and sharing your love, passion and the passion of other aviators, this is what aviation is all about. Listening to Jim tell his story of how he began to where he is now is inspiring. How he credits you for helping him along his journey is a testament to what you’re doing and how much it means to many of us who watch your channel. As a rusty pilot myself, I am gearing up to return to the skies. I am about to begin studying for my CFI to take advantage of the many opportunities in the industry at this time. I’m 40 yrs old and I’m a A/C Maintenance Quality Control Inspector for United Airlines at KEWR, going on 19 years and it never gets old. It would be an extremely awesome opportunity to be able to fly with Jim down to the Keys. Thank you again Steve for all that you do! Stay safe, Fly safe!!

  • Wow. I’m really getting sappy in my old age. Every time I watch you and your brethren on YouTube I honestly get choked up! I got the flying fever when I was 4 yrs old. My dad took my older sister and I to the FBO @ KMSN for “Penney-a-pound” rides with local pilots. I was in the backseat straining against the belt to see the panel from between the seats. My dad said my eyes were as big as dinner plates! I was hooked!! I “retired” from long-haul trucking last year after more than 27 years border to border and coast to coast. I did quit for a year and a half, mid 1999 until Feb 2001. I ran local and earned my private pilot certificate. Without a doubt the biggest accomplishment of my life. Now, after being out of a plane for 11 years I started flying again outta KEQY in Feb this year. Now I’m back at MSN for a few hours in an Archer for currency before tackling aviation full throttle. I am enrolling in Flight Safety Academy, Vero Beach in June of this year if all goes as planned. My goal is to fly professionally. Maybe turbo-prop. Maybe light-jet for an air-cargo company. Or maybe air charter work. Or maybe..? Who knows? I’m 52, I’m not getting any younger and I want NO regrets when this crazy thing called life is on short-final. So if I could even be considered for this flight with Jim or any of your pilot-sponsors, I would be humbled. Thanks for your video contributions Steve! Keep ‘em rolling and fly safe!

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