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Two Oil Temp Runaway Emergencies!? Engine Data Debrief Debunks Myths

Debriefing 2 Runaway Oil Temp Emergencies – one actual, one instrumentation. In this episode, we’ve got incredibly rich engine data thanks to the Garmin avionics. And we’re debunking some myths around diagnosing erroneous instrumentation (because we had a REAL emergency as well as a false indication emergency) – The results are surprising. Thankfully, like my Emergency...

Unbiased Impressions after a month of Flying – Good & Bad

Full Review of the newest #STOL Cub variant, the Super Patriot. In this episode I’m #Flying the airplane to Windsor, the base of the Canadian Aviation Museum. Dave (the chief pilot of the museum) is ready to go immediately for a familiarization flight, as I am handing it off to him to play with and then fly to AirVenture, as I’ll be flying the RV-14 to the event. We share our detailed...

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