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Instrument Flight Test #2 PASSED! – Flying IFR with FULL Automation

This episode covers IFR training with Dennis and Justin; we execute several approaches and go arounds using the automation of the new Garmin Avionics in the Van’s Aircraft RV-14. At the time of this training, I was recently out of IFR currency; due for my IPC Instrument Proficiency Check, which is basically a check ride we have to do here every 2 years. I knew I’d be flying the much...

Atlantic Crossing Complete! Landing 1 min before Airspace Closed – Series Finale

In this multi-part series, the largest #generalaviation project in FlightChops history, ride along with us as we team up with the Diamond Aircraft ferry crew and act as pilot #flying on delivery of a new DA62 light twin aircraft from Vienna, Austria to Diamond Aircraft’s Canadian base in London, Ontario Canada. In this sixth and final episode of the series, we’re again packed into the...

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