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PatreCon 2018 - Financial Independence by Steve Thorne, Keith Knight, and Laura Lee

PatreCon 2018 – Financial Independence by Steve Thorne, Keith Knight, and Laura Lee

In this video, watch Steve “Flight Chops” Thorne and Keith Knight get interviewed by Laura Lee on the topic of financial independence during this talk at PatreCon 2018, an annual conference for Patreon creators and supporters.  Watch Now

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How Flight Chops Went from Weekend Warrior Pilot to YouTube Celebrity

Flying Magazine A combination of his aviation curiosity and filmmaking skills has made Steve Thorne the envy of many pilots.  By Ashley Burns     With 130,962 subscribers and counting, Steve Thorne is undoubtedly one of the most popular aviators on YouTube. Known to the aviation world as Flight Chops, he’s a self-described “weekend warrior pilot” who is basically… Read More…

Learning to fly, with cameras and without the ego

General Aviation News Steve “Flight Chops” Thorne has been called the least cocky pilot on the Internet, and that suits him just fine. With what began as a personal mission to record his flights to learn from —and improve on— his mistakes in the cockpit, his everyman approach has resonated with fellow pilots and flying enthusiasts the world over. Read More…

How Flight Chops Uses Data To Run His Business

By Maura Church, Patreon Blog Have you ever wondered how other creators are using data to inform the content they create, the engagement of their their audience, and their future success? Read on to hear rich data insights from Patreon creator Steve Thorne from Flight Chops! Read The Post!

Episode 22 – Steve Thorne & Flight Chops

FLIGHTCAST Episode 22 – Steve Thorne & FlightChops

Hosted by Jason Rosewell, Infinite Flight ATC Moderator and avid aviation enthusiast Read Our Post! Listen Now!

AviatorCast Episode 51: FlightChops (Steve Thorne)


Hosted by Chris Palmer, Angle of Attack Listen to the Podcast!

Steve Thorne – Friday’s Fabulous Flyer

Karlene Petitt Blog I’m not sure at what age the stories of my grandfather flying Spitfires in World War 2 began to have an imprint on me, but I’m pretty sure I wanted to fly before I knew that. Anyway, it obviously plays a role on some level… if only genetic?

But I didn’t know my grandfather well, and he died before I was old enough to have gleaned any wisdom from him.

Read More…

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