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AQP AFR is a General Aviation, Advanced Qualification Program, Annual Flight Review

About AQP AFR:

It is voluntary! There is no requirement to participate. If you want to participate and train to an advanced level, you can have any CFI fly with you and use this guide for preparing for and taking the AQP AFR.

What happens if you fail? Nothing! If you fail any maneuver on the AQP AFR, you become aware of an area that you are deficient in, and you have the opportunity to do more study, Practice, Review and Improve!

This approach has been central to Flight Chops since Day 1.


This initiative is fully explained in this episode:

A note from Dan Gryder, Flight Instructor

Our community, via voluntary Grass Roots efforts in awareness and self-guided improvement is the first step in reversing the trend.

The entire point of this new Flight Chops video is to introduce these concepts, and to highlight the major differences that are so lacking in the GA world. We do not have to sit on the sidelines and accept another senseless fatal GA accident every 1.7 days!

Finally, we want to illustrate how to practice, review, and improve! Together we can IMPROVE!

My efforts in this video series are not financially motivated. I do not get paid in any way, and often have to cover some of my own time and expenses in the Grass Roots project. My friend Steve, a.k.a Flight Chops, bears the tremendous cost of production, equipment and editing. If you are able to become a PATREON supporter of his channel, it is very inexpensive ($2.00 per video) and it provides much needed support for his travel to capture this important content.

See Patreon link here.

Please help us, help us!

The following documentation is detailed further insight for the areas of highest probability in General Aviation.

Thank you for your support of this project!



Dan Gryder, Flight Instructor

Our free PDF will walk you through what we learned, and what you can do with your instructor (or student) to make us all safer pilots!




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