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The Flight Chops Mailing List is the best place to get all your Flight Chops news right in your inbox.

While our YouTube videos and newsletter content are completely free of charge, I know there’s no shortage of free junk available to you online, which is why I am so thankful that you’re here and curious about the aviation content we create here at Flight Chops.  Just like in the YouTube videos — where I am careful to respect your time and the gift of your attention —  it’s no different with the newsletters.  No junk, only real stuff. (They are actually quite a bit of work to create, so I wouldn’t reach out to you if I didn’t have anything new or interesting to share.)

That said, here are some examples of what you’ll get by signing up:

New Episode Alerts

Be among the first to watch brand-new episodes when you receive our short-and-sweet New Episode Alerts (our answer to reaching you independent of YouTube’s inconsistent notification system) which include some extra hand-picked links for you to explore.

Main Newsletter

You’ll also get our Main Newsletter which goes out about once a month.  It will get you up-to-speed on any new filming we’re doing, provide brief behind-the-scenes comments about the latest episodes, winner announcements and updates about The Greatest Monthly Contest in Aviation, and the latest developments with our Patreon campaign.  We will never spam you with anything uninteresting (we hate that) and definitely will never share our list with any 3rd parties (we really hate that.)



We’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  But we are busy folks who can’t be updating our social media all day, nor do we want to send you on a wild goose chase to find out the latest.  So if you want to be aware of all the important stuff, the Flight Chops Mailing List is the place to be.

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